Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brian Gari, at "Don't Tell Mama"

Tonight, I went to "Don't Tell Mama" to attend a show by Brian Gari which honored the Beach Boy songwriter Brian Wilson on his 67th birthday. Brian Gari performed his complete album, "Brian Sings Wilson," which features rare songs by the legendary songwriter. In his description of his show, Brian Gari writes, "for this special event, Brian Gari will utilize the layered vocal and instrumental tracks of his CD to replicate the Beach Boys sound he created on the original album. He will also be playing electric guitar along with these tracks to enhance the concert performance."
In the audience were Joe Franklin, Janet Gari, who is the daughter of Eddie Cantor and Brian Gari's mother, Alan Colmes, and Yvonne Roome, a singer who performs in many NYC cabaret clubs.

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