Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lara Parker, actor

Did you run home from school to watch "Dark Shadows?" It began in 1966 with: "My name is Victoria Winters. My journey is beginning. A journey that I hope will open the doors of life to me and link my past with my future. A journey that will bring me to a strange and dark place, to the edge of the sea high atop Widows' Hill- a house called Collinwood: A world I've never known, with people I've never met. People who tonight are still only shadows in my mind, but who will soon fill the days and nights of my tomorrows."

Today, the always beautiful Lara Parker was at the Dark Shadows Festival in Newark, New Jersey. I have attended these festivals since 1981. At one point, they were held every year. Now, they are every two years and I look forward to them more than ever. Lara Parker, who played "Angelique," is always there, too. So is Kathryn Leigh Scott, who played "Josette." And in 2007, Jonathan Frid, the seductive vampire "Barnabas," also returned to the festivals after about a hiatus of fifteen years.

If you are a fan of "Dark Shadows," time travel with me to parallel time and remember...

"I set a curse upon you, Barnabas Collins! You wanted your Josette so much, well, you shall have her- but not in the way that you would have chosen. You will never rest, Barnabas! And you will never be able to love anyone- for whoever loves you will die. That is my curse, and you will live with it- through all eternity!"
-- Angelique to Barnabas, 1796

"So this is how it ends. Your beautiful face. How quiet, as if you were asleep. Am I never to see your eyes again? So often, they looked at me with love, and I returned nothing but hatred. I was blinded by my fury that my rejection of you caused. And so, through the years, we battled and fought- and I never guessed that, beneath my rage, I felt a love as strong as yours."
-- Barnabas's final farewell to Angelique 1841

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