Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brig Van Osten and Orlando Pita, hair artists

I was walking home from Whole Foods and when I passed Eros Cafe, I saw two very familiar faces! It was Brig Van Osten, the Season 3 winner of "Shear Genius," and Orlando Pita, the Season's mentor.

I didn't have my camera... so although Brig offered to take some photos and E-mail them to me, I wanted to run the two short blocks to my home and get my own camera for the photo-op so I could post the photos on the same day. I should have let Brig use her camera. My camera is so done. Done, with a capital D! The photos did not develop color correctly (they read all weirdly blue) and they are sort of blurry. But, I was happy to have had the opportunity!

I did manage to sit down with them for a few minutes and talk to them about retro "hair height." They were exceedingly pleasant and answered all my questions with great patience and they gave me excellent advice. It was a true pleasure to meet such sincere and talented artists.

P.S. That camera is history, I bought a new one...

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