Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Elisa Jordana, singer and songwriter

Elisa Jordana says: "I love to write music, play piano, and sing. I am a terrific dancer, talker and overall creative person. I love animals and the muppets. Some people even consider me a muppet." She's more than a "muppet." She is a very talented and beautiful singer who I think you will all enjoy.

You can hear her sing her original song, "This Town," at her website here: Elisa Jordana.

I think you will love the mellifluous sounds of Elisa Jordana! And as an extra treat, you can hear her sing a lovely song with her friend, Benjy, called: "Online Sweetheart." In the song, they both are excited and delighted as they look forward to meeting each other. The tune is very catchy and may inspire others to try online dating in order to find their own "bashert."

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