Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chasing Ron

In about 2010, I was in Whole Foods and saw Howard Stern on the checkout line! Or so I thought. It actually was a Howard Stern lookalike named Ron Brawer, and much to my annoyance I did not have my camera. I wanted some pics of him because a Ron Brawer sighting is quite the photo op!

Well, the next time I saw him in Whole Foods was in 2011, and again I did not have my camera. I approached him and we began a conversation. He told me he lives in my neighborhood, so I took a bold step! I asked him if he would meet me on another day so I could take a few photos of him for this blog. He gave me his E-mail address and later that day I sent him an E-mail... to which he promptly replied: "I'm swamped with work/family right now..." I was disappointed, but did not pursue it.

Cut to July 2014: I saw him again early last week in Whole Foods. And again I had no camera. I asked him if he would meet me on another day for the same purpose of taking a few photos for my blogs. This time, he cheerfully agreed. I gave him my contact information and he reliably sent me an E-mail in which he said, "If I recall correctly, I was reluctant to do any photos last time we met... because I wasn't promoting anything at the time. I'm still not. Or, at least, not one single thing... But if you just want a photo or three of a NYC local "character" -- I could take a bit of time on Wednesday afternoon or over the weekend." I answered and said Wednesday worked and I gathered my "stuff" so everything would be good to go.

On that Wednesday, he sent me an E-mail and canceled due to work related assignments. He suggested I contact him at the beginning of the following week for a Thursday "shoot." I thought: okie dokie.

We exchanged a few more E-mails and today we met in front of Whole Foods where he graciously posed for a few photos. We even had a brief conversation about the NYC schools and the pursuit of creative endeavors. Ron has written a screenplay called, "Becoming Howard." He described it to me and it does sound exciting!

I am glad he showed up. If he stood me up or canceled... I was thinking of hanging out on the block and morphing into a wild "paparazzi." "Chasing Ron" is now history and well... what for years seemed so difficult actually today was quite a pleasant (although brief) experience.

Ron Brawer on IMDb

Ron Brawer on the Howard Stern Show, part 1   (audio)

Ron Brawer on the Howard Stern Show, part 2   (audio)

Ron Brawer on Howard TV

The Dead Howard Show

Here are the photos I took today of Ron Brawer. (I am visible taking the first photo. I am on the lower left corner in the reflection of the store's glass window).

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