Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nathan Wasserberger, painter

I was going to interview Nathan Wasserberger for this blog on Wednesday, April 15th. He called a few days before that date to cancel the interview and told me that he wanted to postpone for a month our project because he had some unfinished business. He said he wanted to remain in touch and work it out.

It is now October, and I am very disappointed that this much anticipated interview did not happen as planned. Nathan Wasserberger has not contacted me to pursue an interview and while we did speak today on the phone, it appears an interview will not happen.

With good intentions, I post these paintings done by Mr. Wasserberger. You can learn a bit more about Nathan Wasserberger here. Nathan told me "literature lasts forever." And so does the impeccable and magnificent beauty of his work. Many of Nathan Wasserberger's color plates of his paintings are in the permanent archives of American Art in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

"Sandra," 1957

"Old Man," 1964

"Girl in White Robe," 1982

Nathan Wasserberger is aware that his paintings appear at this blog.


Lainie Lane said...

I used to know Nathan very well in the 1970's. I posed for him and was his companion for a time. It's nice to know that there is such interest in him and that he is alive and well.
He is a brilliant artist.

Marjorie said...

Thanks for the comment Lainie. I was introduced to Nathan by mutual acquaintances.
At first he seemed excited to do the interview, but then I sensed a great reluctance. I wanted to include his work at this blog so others could learn more about him.

Balablog said...

I'm visiting my 81 year old parents in Connecticut. I saw a painting on their wall, looked at the artist's signature and noticed it is a Wasserman. Is there a way to find out what we have?

It was a gift from my grandmother to my parents probably in the early 70s. My grandmother was the wife of the president of Paramount pictures.

you can reach me at

tropicsunset said...

I am a good friend of Nathan's and sometimes we have coffee together when he makes it down to the Citicorp Center. If you have any inquires please contact me and I will refer them to him. He does not have a computer and is getting up in years. Patrick

chig said...

long story - short version:

we have two wonderful Wasserberger's that we have lived with for over 40 years - have no idea where we dug up the money to purchase them when we were young lovers - now our problem is that as much as we love them we are downsizing - moving from on old Williamsburg home of approx. 4,000 sq. ft. to a small ranch house out west of about 1,500 sq ft. - sooooooo many beautiful things must go - would like to see his paintings go to someone who would love/apprreciate them but of course would not want to give them away

any suggestions you have would be very much appreciated

many thanks for your time and consideration

herman bonski